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An automated call answering system that uses prompts to direct users to the correct department or extension, e.g. "For support please press 1"....

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Nortel Door Phone

Product Code: 10032

Nortel BCM Doorphone
The Norstar/BCM Doorphone enables office personnel to talk directly with visitors prior to their entering a business. When a visitor presses the Call Button, the Norstar/BCM system rings the designated phone(s) in an office and allows two-way conversation. The optional Door Opening Controller enables any Norstar/BCM phone to control a latch on a door or a gate.


  • Allows two-way conversation between Norstar/BCM phone and Doorphone
  • Available in brass or stainless steel, waterproof faceplates
  • Has optional Door Opening Controller (DOC), controlled by pressing softkey
  • Installed and programmed like any Norstar/BCM phone
  • Compatible with all versions of Norstar and BCM3.5+
  • Up to four Doorphones accommodated on a Norstar/BCM system
  • 12 months manufacturer warranty
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