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BCM 50/200/400

Business Communications Manager. This is Nortel's new hybrid telephone system that is a direct replacement for the Norstar range of telephone systems....

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Our Services

Below are some of the services that we provide, click on each searvice for more information.


Because of our long experience in this industry we understand the stresses involved in choosing the right space, the long hours spent with solicitors/landlords and the costs involved. It is our aim to provide ONE point of contact for all your telephone and cabling requirements and provide a trouble free cost effective service.

  • Arrangements with BT/ alternative supplier to move existing phone numbers or installation of new lines and numbers
  • Arrange any divert facility
  • Provide any internal cabling requirements, Telephone or Category 5 voice/data cabling and any electrical/ lighting work
  • Move existing telephone system. Connect to PSTN/ ISDN and commission. Or provide new telephone system (see systems)
  • Arrange for computer network to be moved (if required)
  • Provision of ongoing maintenance

Business Start Ups

Free consultation to discuss costs and benefits of: Analogue or Digital phone systems

  • New or second user systems
  • Incoming lines (ISDN or analogue)
  • ADSL (Broadband)

Installation Services

  • Category 5e structured cabling for voice and data
  • Category 6 if gigabit data transmission speeds are required
  • Fibre optic backbones *All internal Communication/ Electrical trunking
  • All electrical services " Lighting " Hubs/ Routers/ Switches

Call Management

Call Management. Manage your outgoing call costs. Allocate expenses to departments or individuals. Pass on costs to customers/suppliers. In association with least cost routing (For serviced offices, hotels etc) earn revenue from outgoing and incoming cals If you have sales departments or customer service (call centre), call management is an excellent way to check productivity on incoming calls.

Least Cost Routing

  • Huge savings on outgoing calls
  • We will analyse existing phone bills and show where savings can be made
  • 0870 numbers- which can be taken anywhere. Earn money on INCOMING calls
  • 0800 numbers: Cheaper then BT
  • Free fax: Have your own individual fax number. All faxs received are forwarded to you by e-mail, as many numbers as your company requires

IP Routing

IP Routing heralds the transformation of traditional voice-telephone traffic into binary code for the Internet. The development is V.O.I.P - Voice over Internet protocol which allows telephone users to get advantages that Internet users already enjoy. Especially this means the ability to communicate with businesses and individuals whether in the UK or around the World at low cost. As well, it allows the ability to finally integrate telephone systems and computer networks The Nortel BCM is the only converged voice/data solution available, providing a choice of IP enabled or pure IP strategy.

Lease Finance

We are able to offer lease finance at very competative rates, with descisions being made on the same day.

Please call us for more information on Lease Finance