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Connected Line Presentation. A service which provides the caller with the identity of the person he has connected to. For example you may dial 01234 567890 but ...

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Avigilon IP Cameras

Product Code: 10038
HD Cameras:

These sleek designed cameras provide an astounding deterrence.

For monitoring of a specific spot, these fixed network cameras let you mount, set and capture amazing images.

They feature Integrated lens with remote zoom and focus for quick and easy installation in any environment. They are available in  1 MP , 2 MP , 3 MP and 5 MP.  

HD Bullet Cameras:

Discreet cameras designed for seeing HD-quality images in darkness.

Equipped with built-in adaptive infrared (IR) illumination, our HD Bullet cameras increase in-the-dark visibility without using a visible light source, an ideal camera for seeing objects and activity in complete darkness.  They are available in 1 MP , 2 MP , 3 MP and 5 MP. 

HD Pro Cameras:

HD Pro cameras cover vast areas in large detail making them ideal for stadiums, ports and critical infrastructure and can reduce the number of cameras required. 

Avigilon’s next-generation H4 platform allows for improved overall camera performance and are available in 8 MP, 11 MP, 16 MP and 29 MP

HD Domes:

Their low-profile design make these cameras discrete and non-obtrusive.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor environments, the design of these IP network cameras enables discrete installation.

Remote zoom and focus for quick and easy installation in any environment, with optional IR illuminators for optimal image detail in complete darkness.  They are available in 1 MP , 2 MP , 3 MP and 5 MP. 

HD Micro Dome:

Industry's smallest HD dome camera. Perfect for discreet applications.

Small and discreet with unparalleled image detail, in both 1 MP and 2 MP resolutions.

The easiest transition to high-definition video surveillance.


Unsurpassed image quality with precise positioning and high-speed tracking.

360º continuous rotation and 20x optical zoom. These IP surveillance cameras offer unsurpassed image quality in both 1 MP and 2 MP resolutions.

HD Panoramic:

The 8 MP 180 or 360 degree coverage reduces the need for additional cameras.

These IP security cameras are ideal for any environment where installation spots are limited, whether indoor or outdoor.


The Avigilon Control Center HD LPR provides single and multiple lane LPR with HD accuracy from a single camera. Fully integrated with ACC and combined with Avigilon's LPR capture kits, high-definition LPR captures license plates with incredible detail in all conditions day and night.

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